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When Death is Calling and Thousand Faces of Demon by Henry Taba ~ Book Reviews

Hello everyone! Today I have two book reviews for you due to the fact that this author sent me two books to read and talk about! I was very excited to be working with this author again, but for the time being, I will not be accepting any more books from outside sources because my TBR shelf isn't just a shelf anymore and I want to get through all of those books so I can get to more books and end up in the vicious cycle called reading and buying too many books. *I should preface this by saying, all opinions are my own and I haven't been influenced in any way, shape, or form*WHEN DEATH IS CALLINGSynopsis (via Goodreads): He found his love.But a demon is whispering to him.
He must redeem what he loved.

Westcliffe Patel, an orphan from a small town—Sagepond, has spent half of his life wandering alone. He thought, to prevent someone from leaving him, he should never have invited them into his life from the start. However, things changed—he found his love. Just when he thought life mi…

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