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May Wrap-Up and June TBR!

Since I am very late on most of the posts I had planned out, you are getting A BUNCH today! I hope you enjoy!

Here is my Wrap-Up for the month of May!
The Outsiders by S.E. HintonSawkill Girls by Claire Legrand Here is the TBR for June! The Poet of the Heart by Lanona Walker (WHOOP WHOOP!! ONE OF MY BLOGGER FRIENDS IS DEBUTING!!!)Archenemies by Marissa MeyerThe Devil's Thief by Lisa MaxwellP.S. I Still Love You by Jenni HanA Discovery of Witches by Deborah HarknessA BUNCH OF SHAKESPEARE because fingers crossed for the readathon! And that's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed!  So long,  ~D.
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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton Book Review!

Synopsis(via Goodreads): The Outsiders is about two weeks in the life of a 14-year-old boy. The novel tells the story of Ponyboy Curtis and his struggles with right and wrong in a society in which he believes that he is an outsider. According to Ponyboy, there are two kinds of people in the world: greasers and socs. A soc (short for "social") has money, can get away with just about anything, and has an attitude longer than a limousine. A greaser, on the other hand, always lives on the outside and needs to watch his back. Ponyboy is a greaser, and he's always been proud of it, even willing to rumble against a gang of socs for the sake of his fellow greasers--until one terrible night when his friend Johnny kills a soc. The murder gets under Ponyboy's skin, causing his bifurcated world to crumble and teaching him that pain feels the same whether a soc or a greaser.

Hello everyone! Here is one of the anticipated book reviews! I read this for school and I was a little app…

If you liked this movie... You'll like this book...

Here is another fun post! I hope you enjoy!

If you like any superhero movies, you may like Renegades by Marissa Meyer

Renegades is full of superheroes and I think you will enjoy it if you like any Marvel and/or DC

If you like any baking shows, you may like To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Both are for those who love baking so if you watch any baking shows, I think it is for you!

If you liked Cinderella, Tangled, Snow White, and Into the Woods, you may like the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

A series of retellings for those who love Disney!

If you liked Alice in Wonderland, you may like Heartless be Marissa Meyer

Heartless is a retelling of that story and it is REALLY good!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Have you read any of these books?
So long,

Bookish Things To Do in Real Life!

Hey guys! Today's post is a fun one and I hope you enjoy!

A Series of Unfortunate Eventspretend the Baudelairs need help and try to save them - use your imagination, haha!create an invention like Violetread some nonfiction like Klausbite something hard like Sunny haha!COSPLAY! (I will be using this for every book or series haha) Harry Potter Do a fake duel with your friendread some history books like HermionePlay some chess like Ronmake fake potionspretend you are going to Hogwarts by making letters, Pottermore quizzes, roleplay, etc.COSPLAY Lord of the Rings/Hobbit go on an adventure outsideput on a ring and pretend to be invisiblemake your own Gandalf StaffCOSPLAY haha Hunger Games create your own bow and arrowsdo a FAKEHunger Games with a friend or twoCOSPLAY To All the Boys I've Loved BeforeBake somethingwrite letters to your best friendsread romanceCOSPLAY Divergent Practice Stick ThrowingFind out your FactionCOSPLAY The School for Good and Evil put on a face maskdo a good de…

A Very Ambitious TBR

Hello! Everyone! Here is my VERYYYYY ambitious TBR!
I hope you enjoy!

I want to finish up The Devil's Thief by Lisa MaxwellNexus by Lindsey Cummings and Sasha AlsbergThe Son of Neptune by Rick RiordanCity of Ashes by Cassandra ClareStory Thieves books 1 and 2 by James RileyThis is Where it Ends by Marieke NijkampThe Fault in Our Stars by John GreenIf I Stay by Gayle Foreman (The Son of Neptune is going to be my book for the retelling challenge on my Book Club since it is a retelling of Mythology)
I hope you enjoyed! What are your reading plans? So long, ~D.

April Wrap-Up!

Welcome to another post! Ahaha! Today's is me telling you about all the wonderful books I read last month! Hope you enjoy!

HEIR - Sons of the Alpha by Addison CarmichealForbidden Territory by Addison CarmichealWonder Walk by Illham AlamSchool for Good and Evil - A Crystal of Time by Soman ChainaniFive Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry, and Tobias IaconisLegendary by Stephanie Garber And that is it! What did you read in April? I hope you enjoyed! So long, ~D.

#WordForWord Readathon Wrap-Up and Recreating Bookstagrams

WOW! This is late! I have just been really busy! Today I am going to be doing my wrap-up and I am going to complete one of the blog challenges which is to recreate some more bookstagrams!


Here are the books and which challenges they complete!

I only read The School for Good and Evil - A Crystal of Time which fits a few of the challenges!
1. It fits the challenge of there being a princess.
2. It fits there being a disease because (SPOILER) Dovey was SUPER sick! (SPOILER OVER)
                                                         3. Bear with me here, but on the cover the characters' lips are red!                                                           Haha, I tried to fit that so HARD lol!

Recreating Bookstagrams!

Here is what I have!


Original: @thewickedreader
Me: Original: @thewickedreader
Me: Wow! There was literally no commentary! But I hope you enjoyed! What are you currently reading? Comment!  So long, ~D.