Testimonies - Chapter four

Chapter Four
The next day, the four volunteers were greeted by Count Woke at their door. “I have come to collect you,” he said. Emily, Jen, Sophie, and Eric got dressed and ran out of their huts. “What are we going to do?” Jen said. “We should just go with him,” Sophie said, “No harm will come to you.”
The four volunteers and Count Woke left the dreadful dome, trotting the long bumpy roads. The train was waiting for them a few feet away. The volunteers gave each other worried glances every few minutes. Each of them awaiting the torment awaiting them.
“You tried sharing your answers, so you would all live. None of that effort of yours worked. Now that you have tried to deceive me, I will kill all of you,” said Count Woke, sneering. He laughed an evil laugh and shoved the volunteers into the train. Everything turned black around them.

The four volunteers woke up in separate jail cells. The cells each had a toilet and a small bed. The walls were a dark grey and had colorful graffiti. The beds were as soft as a rock and the four of them were to modest to even look at the toilet.
. “What? Fine, I will get us out of here,” said Sophie, clapping her hands together and magically teleport to each cell. “Hold on!”
Sophie teleported again and again, until all the volunteers made it out of the jail type building, safe and sound. When the volunteers turned around to run back to their small town, they quickly turned away to find Count Woke trapping them, again.
“Again and again the four of you try to escape or attempt to define me, but it will never work. As your punishment, all of you will die,” said Coun Woke, with a grim laugh. And with that the four volunteers were thrown into a truck by a flick of Count Woke’s hand.

The truck was small, with the only light coming from a barred window. The four volunteers grunted with pain. The thought of death in their face as Count Woke laughed left them in a silence so great, that the ocean couldn’t compare.
“I’m sorry for putting you guys in this. I should have been smarter and should have thought of a better plan,” said Emily sniffling. “You shouldn’t worry about what was done because what was done should be celebrated for creating who we are right at this moment,” said Sophie, consoling Emily. “There is magic in what we do, even if we don’t know it.” Emily nodded in understanding.

“Thank-you, for being such a great friend.”


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