Testimonies - Chapter three

Chapter Three
The next morning Emily woke up to find a note with her uniform. She put on her uniform and read the note. It said, “You may find me on a tree, you may find me on a bee.” Emily read it over and over until the answer hit. A banana. She had to find a banana.
Emily opened the door to find Eric about to knock. “Oh, hey,” he said, “I was just about to ask you about the riddle. What is the answer?” “Oh, sure. The answer is banana, you have to find a banana.” “Thanks.” “No problem.”
Emily and Eric were about to go out on the search when Sophie and Jen came out of their shacks. Sophie and Jen joined the little group and Emily didn’t even need to help them because they got it figured out even quicker than Emily.
The four of them all searched and searched until they got hungry and ate the apples Emily had found in her shack. They had stopped at a clearing surrounded by flowers of all colors. There were daisies and sunflowers and flowers that none of the volunteers knew existed. Not even Emily who had read a book about flowers earlier that week.
They searched for another hour and finally made some progress. The little group of four found a creek which was surrounded by banana trees. The bananas were as pure as gold and the creek’s shallows were full of fish, each one a different color. Each of the volunteers picked a banana or two, saving the extra for an emergency.
The four volunteers went back to their shacks, feeling overjoyed by the accomplishment of the riddle. Each exited to see tomorrow’s riddle.

The next day, the four of them ventured out again, but this time to find wood to make a fire. Fortunately, Eric was the master at creating fires with only some sticks. Each of the volunteers gathered the amount of wood needed to get to their goal. Eric set up the wood just right and picked up two sticks and did a strange motion which brought up the fire instantly.

This went on for most of their time there, but near the end of their dreadful time in the testimonies, the four volunteers faced a challenge greater than they feared. They had to kill the one person they loved more than their family. The one person who will end the torture of Wittyfield citizens. They had to kill one of their best friends. They had to kill each other.
They stared at each other grimly, waiting for the day to end, so they could leave the dreadful testimonies. The four volunteers sat at a pond filled with colorful fish and thought out a plan.
“Hmmmm…. Oh, I know, we could wait it out and see what happens,” Jen said, “He might give us a bad “grade, but whatever.”  They were in silence for a long time before Sophie said, “Guys…  I have something to tell you. Well…  I have… Well, I have magic.” The other volunteers gasped. They couldn't believe their ears.
“That is impossible!” Eric yells, “The only person in the world who has magic died twenty years ago and had never had offsprings.” “Let me tell you the story,” Sophie said, “I do have magic. Nicholas Flamel did die twenty years ago, but he did marry and had a child. That child was me. Before he died he taught me everything about magic.
“I started off by learning invisibility. That is how we hid so well on the train. Count Woke has magic, too. Please believe me.” “No. No, I won’t believe you. You lied. You are lying to us right now,” Eric yelled, a tear sliding down his cheek, “It is because of magical people like you that my mom died. Magical people are evil. Just like Count Woke.” Eric was sobbing.
Emily ran over to comfort him, but he shoved her away. “No. You don’t deserve to be friends with the baker’s boy or a sobbing slob,” Eric cried even more as he said this. Sophie somehow disappeared and Jen had left to give Emily and Eric some privacy.
“Listen. I have something to tell you,” Emily said. “What is it?” Eric said looking up. “I… I like you,” Emily said. “I like you too, but you don’t deserve someone like me. I cry at the most stupid things,” Eric said, calming down. “That is why I like you.”


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