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Testimonies - Chapter two

Chapter Two
Another hour passed. The dreaded hour is closing in on all the volunteers. The volunteers planned out Count Woke’s downfall in the small living room compartment on the train. They decided to share their answers so they all get the same grades and he will not be able to kill any of them. Emily put in that they will be needing a backup plan because he probably would still kill one of them to show that rebels aren’t allowed.
“How about we just hide in the train so they won’t be able to find us and have to cancel it? This could be plan A and plan B could be the sharing the answers plan. That means all we need is a plan C if none of these work,” Jen said, scrunching up her face in concentration. “That is a good idea, but you’re right we do need a plan C. How about if we….” Emily said as she too, was scrunching up her face, “Oh, I know, we could wait until none of our plans work and we just make a plan last minute. I don’t like making plans last minute, but that is the best I can think of.”
“Maybe you are right, but we need our sleep. How about we wake up in an hour to do plan A,” Sophie said, yawning. Everybody nodded in agreement. The girls waited until Eric was out of earshot to leave. Each of the four volunteers went to their own separate rooms, longing to be home.

An hour passed, thirty minutes until they are there. The volunteers ran to find a hiding spot. Sophie hid under her bed. Emily concealed herself in a cupboard. Jen had climbed into a closet. Eric was under his bed, when the hour came.
It was time for the volunteers to enter the Testimonies, when in Count Woke’s great despair, they never came. The guards searched and searched, but never found them. All of the volunteers grinned to themselves when, Count Woke finally found them, mysteriously at the same time.“We got lost?” Emily shrugged with a guilty grin, she was never a good liar. The volunteers were shoved out into the crisp fall air.
It was midday and the huge glass dome in the center of the broad fields was glistening. The four volunteers entered the dome, each finding their shacks. Emily’s shack was made out of oak and had a blue flag hanging from its roof. Each of the cabins were the same, except for the flags, each one was a different color. The shacks were all neatly placed next to each other on a large hill. All four of the volunteers put on their pajamas and got ready for bed, tomorrow is going to be a very long day.


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