Testimonies - Chapter five

Chapter Five
The four volunteers spent their time waiting for their execution establishing a plan. So far, they think they should-BOOM! The four of them all looked out the barred window to see an explosion blowing up a landfill. They gasped. They had not know that Count Woke was this bad.
When the second explosion went off, they noticed that the landfill wasn’t a landfill, but a town. The ruins showed great structures and only a small dog survived. The dog searched for its owner, not knowing what was happening.
Emily wished she was a dog. If she were a dog she would have never been in the Testimonies. Dogs, Emily realized, are animals everyone loves, until the dog’s owner has to flee for their own safety, not even looking at the dog. Someday, she will start a sanctuary for pets. She will give homes to many different animals, not just dogs.
Emily looked away before she could let a tear slip down her cheek. A few tears still popped up, but it wasn’t a big deal. “Are you crying?” Jen asked. “No, my eyes are just tired,” Emily said, wiping away a tear with the back of her hand.
“What do you think will happen to Wittyfield? What about my sister or Sophie’s sister?” “I think they will be safe. This might just be an old city they are tearing down for more land,” Sophie said, reassuringly. “For now, let’s just wait.”

The four volunteers waited and waited. They even fell asleep at one point. The truck had suddenly shook and had woken them up. Another day passed and the volunteers started growing hungry. The driver, who was hidden by a cloak, gave them an apple and a cup of water each every morning.
Finally, the truck abruptly stopped. The door of the truck swung open and a plump teenage boy, around the age of 15, looked at them as if they were animals in a zoo. The boy must have heard of their attempts of rebellion and escape.
“Hi… Um…. My name is… Ded… and um… My dad is Count Woke. He told me to um.... Get you and escort you to the… Um… Great hall. Sorry for my um… weird way of speaking,” Ded said. Who would think a person like Count Woke would name their son Ded? Jen thought.
“Follow… Um… Me,” Ded said, blushing. They followed Ded through a magnificent hallway. There were paintings of stags and boars. There were even paintings of Count Woke. Count Woke’s hair wasn’t grey in some of them and his piercing green eyes followed them everywhere they went.
The hallway was torch lit and led to a huge room with curtains the color of blood. There were two long tables in the front and back of the room. Each one had a tablecloth the color of bones. The ceiling had chandeliers lighting up the room. Count Woke sat at a table in the middle, snickering. He was wearing a formal black suit. A servant was feeding him grapes.
“Oh look who has finally showed up,” said Count Woke. “I expected you to try escaping, again.” He waved his hands in a notion that meant to take a seat and eat. The volunteers obayed and filled their plates with meats and fruits. The only one not eating meat was Emily, she decided she wants to be vegetarian.
“Why are you not eating the meat?” Eric asked. “I became vegetarian, but I will take some fruits and bread. Maybe some vegetables,” Emily said. Emily and Eric sat next to each other and were discussing what had happened at the pond. Eric said that whatever happens, one day he will take Emily out on a date. Emily had blushed.
Count Woke had moved to the head of the table. Eyeing the volunteers as they ate. He knew Sophie had magic. He grinned at the fact that the volunteers were whispering to each other, not even acknowledging him.

“What should we do,” Sophie whispered. “We could assassinate him.” “No, to violent. How about we escape?” Jen said. “What about using Sophie’s magic to our advantage?” Eric said. The volunteers were worried sick about their families and had no idea what to do. Count Woke grinned and grinned the whole time the volunteers talked and whispered.


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