The Diabolic - Book Review

The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid

This was 4.75/5 stars. I am really good at giving reviews because of the fact that books always entertain me. It is true of me to always look at the good side of things and that's what I do with my book reviews. This book follows Nemesis and her journey pretending to be Sidonia in a government packed with murderous ignorants. She lives only to protect Sidonia. This book is packed with betrayal, love, and wonderful characters. Everyone should read it. I had actually read this for a book club which was really fun! Ok, so the next read you should pick-up is this book because it is absolutely amazing!


Did anyone else cry at the explosion part? I did! Also when Sidonia came back, that was my favorite part. Then when she died, again. Come on! That was really sad!


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