Readathon Announcement


#WordForWord is my new annual readathon!(I know I just uploaded something, but oh well). I wanted to start a readathon so here it goes!

1. What is it?

#WordForWord is a readathon full of reading challenges, blogging challenges, and if you have youtube, video challenges!

2. When is it?

April 7-14

3. The Reading Challenges:

  • Read a book
  • Read a book with pink on the cover
  • Read 3 books
  • Read for 24 hours (optional)
4. Blogging Challenges: (Tag me and use the hashtag :)!)

  • A TBR post
  • A Tag post
  • A Wrap-Up post
5. Video Challenges (Use the hashtag):

  • Making a Book Tower
  • Balancing as Many Books as you can on your head!
So Long,

P.S. Comment if you are doing it!


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