Love and Theater Cover Reveal

So my novel, Love and Theater. Here is the cover, synopsis, an aesthetic I made for the story, and another sneak peek to get you excited!

I did this with my friend Noel who is also doing a cover reveal. Go check her out...

Here is the synopsis:

Rose Adary is auditioning for the role of Anastasia in her school musical. When the nerve-wracking audition is over she accidentally trips and falls into the arms of Liam, the new handsome student at Banel Junior High School. Her well-organized lifestyle might as well have turned upside down when she discovers her mom is pregnant with twins and her little brother Al is in a car accident with his leg needing to be sawed off. Her feelings for Liam are just another problem.  

This story shows the family struggles that come from unfortunate accidents and the need to stay true to your family. 

The aesthetic:
The Sneak Peek:
“Rose Adary! Please come on to the stage,” called the drama teacher.
Mrs. Wister has been my teacher since I came to Banel Junior High School and she has always been grumpy unless she is watching a play or musical. Theater took over her life.
I stumbled my way up the small steps with my heart jumping out of my throat. I took out the paper with the sample script and slowly read all of Anastasia’s parts. At the end of the paper was a song. I sang loud and clear.
“Have you heard, there’s a rumor in St. Petersburg!”
Mrs. Wister smiled. I don’t remember her smiling in school before or during an audition. I smiled back and ran down the steps. I almost tripped on the last step when a boy looking to be a year older than me grabbed my hand before I hit my face against the hard floor.
“Hi, I’m Liam,” he whispered before disappearing behind me. I stood there in shock. I feel heat rising up to my cheeks. I gingerly made my way out of the auditorium with my rosy cheeks.

And at last the cover:

HERE IS THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!! (my name is kept hidden because this is a public post)
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  1. Eek, I love the aesthetics you do! <3 I'll have to do one for mine lol

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  3. Congratulations! Did you do this through Swoon Reads? If so, I just added my manuscript today! <3

    L @ Do You Dog-ear?


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