Literary Book Gifts - Review

I was contacted by the person who runs Literary Book Gifts to review their designs. This is completely honest and none of my opinions have been manipulated.

Hey guys! Literary Book Gifts has awesome totes and shirts based off MANY classics! There are also some really cool typewriter designs like this one:

I love this shirt in particular since it is so well done! If or when I buy this shirt, it will show how proud of a writer I am!

I also love this tote bag! It is inspired by Emily Dickenson:
Emily Dickinson Tote Bag - Small
I am considering buying one of the bags, as well! I especially love this one because of the cursive and the elegant bird!

The designs are all amazing and I would highly recommend you check one of the products out because they have fabulous and unique prints that are to die for!

And that's not all! I have a promo code for you guys! You can get 20 % off on any product and does not expire! The code is: DBooksandReviews20

Hope you enjoy!

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