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Hadi - A Short Story

I dashed across the forest floor with such speed that I thought I was flying. The green grass was soft under my boots. I turned to my right to spot a cabin. I looked behind me and saw that I must have lost them. I entered the cabin with a force that could have gotten me arrested if it weren’t for the bounty already on my head. The mage had already warned me about the consequences of trusting others. I should have listened.
There was a plump, old lady sitting behind a desk, reading. Her eyes took a quick glance my way when she heard the bell make its rusty squeak.
“Are any rooms vacant in your lovely home?” I ask trying not to sound rough. I took a quick look to make sure there weren’t any wanted posters around. I smiled when I noticed the empty walls.
“Right this way.” The woman said with a voice like honey. She stood up and made her way to wooden steps. “Can you read? The sign said ‘Bed & Breakfast.’”
“Oh, sorry. I was in a bit of a run…” I looked behind me to make sure there was nobody else behind us. I calmed down and attempted to seem less tense.
“Oh, alright. Your name?” She spoke with an accent I have never heard of. Maybe the forest folk all spoke like this.
“Call me Elle.” I said with no hesitation.
“Hadi.” We shook hands and she took me to a small room. There were blue tapestries displaying trees and small critters. The walls were painted with a light pink and the bed’s sheets were a pale yellow. The pastel colors made me smile.
A small voice, a cough, a song, a colorful blanket, blonde curls.
The memory hurt. As do all memories of my mother. My father was somewhere in a castle smelling of ale and with a woman on each lap. I shook my head. I shouldn’t be thinking of my father. He was a man who did not care for his wife and mother left because it was right.
“Are you alright, my dear?” She asked. I  nodded. As soon as the door closed behind Hadi, I took of my cloak. My staff was made miniature for the long journey I had to take to get away. I put it on the floor and whispered an incantation. Shimmering lights of all colors exploded into the air. I am a Water Elementay so my staff’s stone was the color of the sea. The handle was made of oak, the most powerful of the woods.
I cast a spell to make sure the staff still worked. Adji I  whispered holding my staff in just the right way. Blue sparks burst into the room. I smiled and made sure to force the staff back into its miniscule form.
I made my way down the old steps and went up to the front desk to ask for some tea. “Sure thing, darling,” Hadi replied with a smile. She was nonchalant as she slipped through the kitchen door.
She showed me to a sitting area in front of a fire. I grimaced. Fire was Water Elementay’s greatest enemy.
“What’s wrong, dear?” Hadi asked as she handed me a steaming cup of herbal tea. I took a sip. A small sip.
As soon as the sweet liquid touched my tongue, I realized that something was not right. I’ve always liked tea. Why all of a sudden it tasted strange and sweet? I’ve heard of these types of poisons before, from the mage, but the roots are not located this far north. A searing pain ricochet through my body. I heard the distant laugh from the kitchen as I came to the realization that I am going to die. The mage was right. I may be smart enough to past some exams but when the challenge of applying what I learned to my life comes I’m stupid enough to cower. I felt my last breath come out of my nose and my heart slowly stop. I closed my eyes and prayed for happiness.
Hello! I apologize for my inactivity! But I am currently at school so I am using their laptops (mine is broken). I hope you enjoyed this treat! I am possibly going to post everyday for 12 days since I celebrate Christmas! (12 days of Bookmas!)
ANYWAYS, I hope you enjoyed.
So long, D.


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