Recreating Bookstagrams

Hey! Today, I am doing a post based off of a video I saw done by Caleb from InsaneReader which is recreating bookstagram photos! I have chosen 5 randomly off of Instagram and here is me trying to recreate them!

Number 1

Here is the first picture I attempted and this one is by @annreads!

This one was simple enough, except I didn't have those books so I went with some other fantasies! I also didn't edit ANY of these so let's see what happens!

Here is my attempt:

Well, it is ok but I think with editing it will look better.

Number 2

Here is the original! I found it actually quite simple to recreate! This one is from @thriftybibliophile! I did not have a plant so I used a bowl with shells!

Here is mine:

I think this one was one of my favorites that I did!

Number 3

This one was also really simple! This one was also by @thriftybibliophile! Here is mine:
This was definitely my favorite!

Number 4
I think editing, in general, would fix these a lot!

Number 5
 This took me a moment cause I needed to get the hot chocolate! Hahaha! This overall was so much fun! Here is mine:

And this was the final one!

Which was your favorite? Did you enjoy it?
So long,


  1. They're really good!!! I like all of them, but the Heartless one is probably my favorite! You did way better than I did, when I tried!

    1. HAHAHA!! Did you create your own blog post?


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