The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell (WITH SPOILERS!)

I am not going to even bother with synopsis and the photo of the book because I HAVE THOUGHTS!
I am not going to go chronologically so try to follow along!

Ok so first off Esta is a time traveler which is really cool! I love how the author didn't give the affinities to much power which made it seem like it could be happening in our world. Esta and Harte's relationship was so beautifully well done because the romance first felt like it was more believable and you didn't know who the love interest was at first! I thought it was Logan until Harte and Esta kissed for the first time and then I knew it was him! And NIBS BEING THE PROFESSOR WAS SUCH AN AMAZING PLOTWIST!!!!!!!!! Okay, so this might be more of a book rant compared to a book review but... it's my blog so I get to do what I want! I just loved the story so much and it just made me happy to read! The story was wonderfully crafted and I gave it five out of five stars because it was that good!

Thanks for reading! What are your thoughts?

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