#WordForWord 2019 Readathon Announcement!

#WordForWord is the annual readathon I host! Here are the details!

1. What is it?

#WordForWord is a readathon full of reading challenges, blogging challenges, and if you have youtube, video challenges! And this year I am adding Instagram photo challenges!

2. When is it?

April 14-20

3. The Reading Challenges:

  • Read a book with a disease involved in the book
  • Read a book with red on the cover
  • Read at least 3 books in total
  • Read a book with a Princess involved
4. Blogging Challenges: (Tag me and use the hashtag!)

  • Recreate bookstagrams!
  • Do a Top 10 list!
5. Video Challenges (Use the hashtag):

  • Do a reading vlog!
  • Try making stairs out of books!
  • Cosplay one of your favorite characters!
6. Instagram Challenges (Tag me @dorothyandbooks and use hashtag)
  • Your TBR
  • Flowers with Books
  • Something Out of This World
  • Yellow Theme
So Long,

P.S. Comment if you are doing it!

P.S.S. Happy wonderful Blogvarsary to my friend Noel at Books and Noel! May another year come with joy from ranting about literature!


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