Reacting to Bookish Pet Peeves!

One of my favorite things is to interact with other readers so I decided to ask my Instagram followers what their bookish Pet Peeves are and I am going to react to them! (I apologize for having them sideways!)
Those can be quite annoying. I feel that romances need to be a slow burn to be realistic because in real life love is slow to come and not in one look.

Annotations do not bother me, they actually boost the enjoyment if I am reading a used book full of them! I love looking at other people's ideas in the margins or if I agree or disagree with them.

Dog-earing for no reason bothers me but if you have no bookmark or want to remember a certain point I am fine with it. I do it all the time lol!

This is so annoying! As a result, it causes me to just stare at it for a bit but I do overlook it if the book is very good.

This was a lot of fun to do! Let me know if you dog-ear your books in the comments because I want to see what other people's thoughts are! I hope you enjoyed this post! Happy reading!
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