2020 Reading Goals and Challenges

Hey everyone! Happy Bookmas! There are a bunch of challenges I want to do this coming year. I even want to try some of my own! Quick reading update: 

  • Ebook: 1984 by George Orwell - This has been taking me a while to read because I usually don't read ebooks but I have been enjoying it!
  • Physical: The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan - I NEED PERCABETH!!!
  • Audiobook: Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie - I am on the audible trial so I decided to read this since I was in the musical last year.
Here are some of my goals and challenges:


I want to read 80 books next year. My goal for this year had originally been 85 and I have only read 50 so far so I know I won't make it but I think the reading slump is to blame! (I am very competitive and I love the completed banner lol so I changed it to 60!) But now that I am out of it, I think I will be able to complete it!

Read 15 books that are not in my favorite genres:

I want to read more books than just the ones I read all the time! I always read fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, and historical fiction so I want to just branch out more!

Read 10 classics:

Like I said above, I want to branch out! I used to not enjoy classics that much but I have read a few this year and really loved the experience and I want to read some more!

And that is it! I hope you enjoyed! What are your goals for the coming year? Let me know! Happy Reading!
So long,


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