#WordforWord Readathon 2020!!!!!

Hello everyone! It is that time of the year again!!! This is the highlight of the year in my opinion! I love this readathon and I hope all of you can join in the fun!

1. What is it?

#WordForWord is a readathon full of reading challenges, blogging challenges, and if you have youtube, video challenges! And this year is the second year where I am adding Instagram photo challenges! All the challenges are optional and the coming week is just meant for reading as much as possible but the challenges add a kick to it! And to add a little incentive, whoever comments on my wrap up post saying they completed all of the reading challenges, I will send a mysterious envelope of bookmarks to!

2. When is it?

March 29-April 4

3. The Reading Challenges:

  • Animal on the cover
  • Something having to do with the sea
  • Reread of an old favorite
  • Read a total of 4 books!
4. Blogging Challenges: (Tag me and use the hashtag!)

  • Some sort of Spring themed Book Tag!
  • TBR and Wrap Up post! 
  • Spring Cleaning Challenge 
5. Video Challenges (Use the hashtag):

  • Spell Spring with Book Titles
  • Try to make a flower out of books!
  • Do a favorites video
6. Instagram Challenges (Tag me @dorothyandbooks and use the hashtag)
  • Your TBR
  • Something creative
  • Include a hit beverage!
Well, I hope you enjoyed! I really hope you can join! I will have my TBR posted very soon! Let me know what your TBR is in the comments if you do decide to join! And as always, Happy Reading!
So long,


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