Writing Update

 Hello everyone! How are you all? Yes, you read the title correctly, I am writing again! If you didn't know, I had been struggling with writing and being able to have the motivation to write a story that I was actually excited about. Writing is one of my favorite things in the world but I have been unable to do it for a year or so and it has quite honestly sucked. The story I'm writing now is still in the very beginning phases of writing but I have always let you guys know what and when I am writing. All other projects I have mentioned are not happening because most of them were forced or really badly written to an extent where they can't be fixed. Anyway, the story and hopefully book is a fantasy and there is a revolution and all that and I am super excited about it! I am willing to share the main character's name so her name is Lyra and she is absolutely a joy and I hope you'll be able to read it at some point. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed! This was just a short update but maybe when there is more written there will be longer ones! What are you currently working on if anything? Happy Reading!

So long,



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